Coin Magic Tricks – An Affordable Entertainment Option

Love magic but don’t quite know which magic sets would best display your skill levels for a fun entertainment option that doesn’t break the bank?

Then coin magic tricks are perfect for you! Read more about the various kinds of coin magic tricks suitable for the young performer as well as more advanced magicians who’d like a great opening act that is simple and fun, in this article.

If you are just starting out with performing Online magician hire tricks and are interested in learning basic skills that you should ideally hone to a level of consistent results along with your unique style of presentation, such as speaking directly to your audience, building these around small skits, perhaps even including some jokes about the current economy and how we’d all appreciate our dollars doubling up, then coin and bill magic are best choices. While the dollar magic is self-explanatory and requires you to fold the trick bill before the eyes of the audience and turn it into a note of higher denomination (sure to be a welcome gesture in today’s depressing economy), its recommended you also keep up some lively conversation to tie your act together.

Remember, instrumental music, costume and make up are secondary magic show elements but primarily smooth delivery of witty one-liners helps keep the personal connect going with the audience and at the same time, get a smooth flowing performance in sync with all the well-timed practice you’ve put in. Oh yes, don’t forget the old hocus-pocus magic chants and their importance on making the entire magic show more credible even if you only include coin and bill magic!!

Once you’ve mastered the beginner level coin magic actions, you can purchase some of the latest, executive magic sets that typically feature a lot of other types of magic tricks apart from coin magic, such as a set of ‘Top 10 Easy Magic Tricks for Adults’ to build up your act.

However, to start with you can practice the easy Karate coin 50 pence magic trick; its affordable at less than 10 pounds and a sure fire way to attract the attention of your audience. With this unique coin magic act, all you need to do is flip the coin in the air, make a stabbing motion down its middle with your second finger and wow your onlookers!

Beginners can benefit from simple format of full instructions available with this super-easy magic trick that makes for a great initial act even for full-fledged professionals magicians.


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