Does Your Dental Office Need a Brushing Up?

All flat surfaces should be as free from equipment so that they can be properly cleaned. To ensure that everything is sterile an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant or detergent can and should also be used to scour surfaces. If any trace of blood is seen by a janitor then an Intermediate-level disinfectant needs to be used, at once. In fact, if blood or any other potentially dangerous materials are seen on anything in the office, OSHA requires immediate removal and surface disinfection to appropriately fight the spread of disease.

All contact surfaces are a huge concern because of direct touch by employees and clients and by possible splatter from patients during their cleaning. Some of these surfaces include light handles and switches, all dental equipment located around and on the dental chair, drawer and faucet handles, and doorknobs. An EPA-registered hospital disinfectant or detergent should be used to clean these and other surfaces. The dental hygienist is responsible for cleaning some of these things between each customer visit, so make sure you communicate with your janitorial service what area and items in your office need to be cleaned and which do not.

The floors must be properly cleaned, especially around the dental orthodontic bird beak pliers chairs where possible germ splatters may be present and in heavy traffic areas, such as the waiting room and restroom. An EPA-registered hospital disinfectant or detergent should be used to the floors, especially because of the uncertainty regarding what is actually on the floor and whether it is contaminated by anything potentially harmful or not. After they are disinfected, they may also need to be buffed to a high shine. Your floors should be cleaned properly at least once a week, but this may depend on how many patients you have on a daily and weekly basis and how much traffic is coming in and out of your office. If you have carpeted areas then your office cleaning company can clean and vacuum according to what your needs are. Your reliable cleaning service can discuss your options and all of the services that they provide.

The dental cleaning room is not the only place that needs attention. Don’t forget about the restroom that usually is armed with toothbrushes for patients to brush their teeth once more before their cleaning. You want to make sure all aspects of your restroom are representative of the cleanliness of your office and this is a challenge because it is a highly visited area. There is also the waiting area, the front desk, kitchen area and any other rooms that may need some attention. Focus on the areas that are seen and used often. The wonderful thing about a dependable cleaning service is that you can add or subtract services, as needed.

A big part of hiring a knowledgeable janitorial service is finding a company that is trained on how to clean your dental office correctly without contaminating solutions and cleaning tools in the process. Disposable products should be used as much as possible for this reason. If any cloths or mops are reused, they should be sanitized thoroughly after use and allowed to dry completely before they are used again.

If you do not currently have a commercial cleaning service for your dental office, then consider calling one today. They will put your mind at ease by making your office is a safe place for your dental clients and your employees, not to mention it will make your office look more professional. A trustworthy San Antonio dental cleaning service will give your office the “brush-up” it needs.

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