Pindari Glacier – A Popular Trek in Kumaon Himalayas

The Pindari Glacier is the source of Pindari valley. It has been attracting nature lovers and trekkers from all across the world because of its amazing rugged beauty, breathtaking sight and easy trekking routes. Experience its pristine glory and at the same time trek in one of the most popular trekking routes present in India, when you holiday here the next time.

It is indeed an ultimate place for adventure travel in Best Time To Go Annapurna Base Camp. Lying in the Bageshwar district, this glacier is among the most easily accessible trek of all other Himalayan treks that India boasts of. Terminating at a height of 3627 M, Pindari glacier stretches between the Nandakot peaks and the Nanda Devi situated in the Pindar valley. The beautiful Pindar River flows through the sedimentary rocks of the region before descending towards the plains. You will find here that the Pindar River has carved out a 10 Km long gorge on both sides of the thick glacial deposit of the mountain.

Trekking in Pindari glacier begins from the Saung base-camp. From Saung you have to trek a distance of 3 Km to reach Loharkhet. From here you will then move towards Dhakuri, Khati, Dwali, Phurkia and finally to Pindari Glacier. The entire distance is 45 Km long so you need to be highly fit and carry with you necessary clothing and food to last the entire trek.

Some of the prominent peaks that you will encounter while trekking in this place are the Balijuri, the Panwalidwar, the Nanda Khat, the Changuch and the Nanda Kot. This trek will also take you to the pristine village of Loharkhet. Here you can climb up the beautiful Dhakuri pass and enjoy its scenic beauty. Moving down hill towards the village of Khati, you can see the snow clad Himalayan peak from a distance.

The best time for trekking in this trek is between the months of May to October. The Saung base-camp can be easily reached from Bageshwar, Almora and Kathgodam. The nearest airport is in Pant Nagar and the nearest railhead is in Kathgodam. If you want to travel by road Bageshwar will be the best choice since it is well-connected by road with all other major cities of Uttarakhand.

Above all, trekking in Pindari glacier is an exciting mix of pleasure, adventure and self realization. The natural beauty of Pindari Glacier cannot be explained in words. You need to be there to feel it yourself.


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